The African continent offers a wide variety of beautiful contemporary and traditional textiles: handwoven such as the Kita or Baoule fabrics, or wax printed as the famous Kitenge or the handprinted Batik from West Africa.

Sourcing high quality fabrics, that are eye-catching by their stunning patterns, their original and vibrant colors combinations or other subtle textile elements, is at the heart of Na Inzo Designer's creative approach


Drawing cushions and bedding sets, the very first stage of Na Inzo textile creations' design process.

Either modern, graphic, or floral, Na Inzo soft furnishings' designs are imagined for different environments and displays. A handwoven Bouake cushion, with its extra size, will stand out on a wooden armchair, while a Ngong assorted cushions & throw will complement nicely the decoration of a nomad-style bedroom.

Our designs are eclectic and are inspired by various elements, often from shapes in nature and African tribal symbols.


Working with talented tailors to give life to cushion sketches. For a minimalist design or crafting more sophisticated look by adding ornaments, Akan gold weights, tassels or pompoms...we love to play with patterns, colors and textures to infuse different styles to our textile creations: chic, boho, modern or classic & so forth.

This last exciting stage Na Inzo creative process involves meticulous attention to details to ensure perfect finishing